Property Portfolio Management

To identify the objectives for a property portfolio over a two to five year period, based on significant analysis and an interpretation of objectives set by the portfolio manager in keeping with the mandate from shareholders and investors.

  • To constantly view property from an investment perspective and to evaluate each opportunity, using the same disciplines that are applied to any asset class.
  • To carefully select projects from which both obvious and subtle advantages can be derived.
  • To cautiously identify partners with whom interests can be mutually aligned.
  • To continuously assess individual and collective risk in a pragmatic manner.
  • To instil a culture of innovation and continuous enhancement.

Our key objectives are to:

  • Constantly balance the portfolio.
  • Operate within clear economic parameters.
  • Implement risk diversification.
  • Provide continuous research.
  • Offer ongoing portfolio analysis.
  • Assess performance against the industry’s accepted measurements.