Property Asset Management

To maximise value over the property’s life cycle through careful planning, active management and ensuring the capital expenditure results in income-enhancing opportunities for each property.

  • To always consider the needs of the client and to regularly monitor and report on the performance of each property in accordance with stated needs.
  • To ensure properties are always in the appropriate condition and maintained effectively.
  • To constantly review options for consolidating, retaining or disposing of property assets.

Through a consultative approach we will:

  • Adhere to best practices in asset management.
  • Seek innovative ways in which to maximise growth & returns.
  • Continuously seek opportunities which fit the requirements of clients.
  • Produce regular property performance reports.
  • Provide regular property valuations.
  • Determine each property’s performance against the accepted benchmarks.
  • Assist with key ‘challenges’, such as lease renewals, management of vacant properties, sales & acquisitions, alterations & refurbishment and redevelopment.