Hotel Management

Optimus Property Solutions deals in Hotel properties, an area which, by its very nature, involves more complex transactions. Hotels are one of the areas of growth for the company, due to the renewed interest in the hospitality industry and hotels in particular.

Our extensive database and our personal business relationships provide a foundation to productively market and position hotel assets. Optimus Property Solutions is committed to client contentment throughout the transaction process by ensuring that each component of the transaction is diligently completed. To achieve this we:

  • Understand investment requirements and provide investors with sound investment opportunities
  • Create and conduct comprehensive evaluation reports for hotel investments
  • Provide effective market and financial feasibility studies
  • Source pre-qualified prospective buyers
  • Conduct transaction negotiations
  • Assist in the structuring of complex ownership issues
  • Provide or assist with the obtainment of property finance
  • Administer the transfer of a hotel or hospitality property to the investor