The Louis Family enterprise began in Bloemfontein in 1914 when Michel Louis commenced a wholesale trading business. After handing the reigns to his son Colia, the second generation recognised that there were a number of complimentary industries which would suit their passion for business.

One such industry was property and the Louis Family soon established an excellent reputation in all aspects of both commercial and residential property. The first commercial acquisition was the property which housed their own wholesale operation and this property still owned by the family some 60 years later, remains at the ‘foundation’ of the property business.

history2The third generation of Louis Family members, led by Dr Alan Louis, continued and enhanced this tradition. By adding sophisticated financial investment mechanisms, they made it possible for partner investors to access investments in the commercial property market which were normally outside their reach.

The ‘investment participation model’ was met with overwhelming interest and led to the expansion of the property portfolio from South Africa to other countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany and Switzerland.

At the heart of this property offering and the substantial growth in the global portfolio were the team of property and related professionals which comprise Optimus Property Solutions.

Their professional expertise – which includes property management, property asset management, property portfolio management, accounting, legal services and compliance – ensured that the numerous projects of various sizes were successfully implemented.

This dedication to excellence remains at the forefront of all the endeavours and is what defines Optimus Property Solution.