About Us


At Optimus we strive to maximise returns through effective Real Estate Management Services with the highest level of client satisfaction and commitment to success.



We carefully consider the most strategic elements of a property solution prior to activating any implementation plan. The strategic issues which guide our thinking include:

  • taking a partnership approach with both the property owner and the property occupier and seeking to balance both sets of expectations appropriately;
  • seeking innovative ways to maximise returns and growth by offering opportunities that fit our clients’ unique needs;
  • ensuring best practice in the delivery of all service aspects.


Thorough planning ensures that the space occupied by the tenant fulfils their business needs and that the administrative processes associated with that space are efficient and unobtrusive. Our experienced professional team complete a meticulous planning process to ensure that each aspect of the property and associated relational requirements have been carefully considered; and then accept responsibility for the execution of these plans.


Guided by our vision to maximise returns through effective management and to produce outstanding results with the highest level of client satisfaction, we recognise that it is in the execution of your professional duties that your contribution is measured. To this end, we offer property owners and their occupiers a single point of contact, with access to the professional team at all times. We insist on the continuous measurement of our service delivery against pre-agreed standards.



We place the interests of our client first as we choose to act ethically, honestly and reliable


We provide efficient and expert advise based on extensive professional knowledge and experience


We anticipate the needs of our clients and provide solutions that are enterprising, timely and pragmatic


We ensure a coherent and harmonious service.